The use of GPS truck tracking systems has become increasingly popular

The use of GPS truck tracking systems has become increasingly popular

TORONTO, Ont. — Any right fleet manager knows that drivers are the key to fulfillment for the overall enterprise.

Records series on motive force behavior is the quickest manner to assist your fleet’s backside line, as it is able to measure every and each driver’s performance, protection, gas mileage, fuel compliance, and greater.

All of these metrics, fed in from numerous telematics, benefit the carrier with the aid of saving lives, stopping injuries and collisions, and lowering fees. So, what are carriers doing to make certain they may be staying on top of all the generation and on pinnacle in their drivers? We spoke to some of the high-quality Fleets to power For as named via CarriersEdge and the Truckload providers association to peer how they lead by using example in relation to measuring driving force conduct.

We truely try and take a holistic technique,” said Luke Williams of significant Oregon Truck business enterprise, which operates extra than 300 vehicles. “We realize that you could have a driving force who is productive, but now not secure, and a motive force this is secure, but now not as effective. So, we love to tune that and use all of the statistics we are able to to teach them. We degree fuel mileage, gasoline compliance, routing, miles consistent with gallon, idle time, difficult brake events, surprising stops, the whole thing. Anytime the ones alarms go off, we are measuring that.”

Critical Oregon uses a aggregate of SmartDrive, TruckMate, and PeopleNet systems in its cabs.

Canada’s personal Bison transport also makes use of a number of in-cab technologies to degree and report driving force conduct.

we’ve in-cab crucial occasion recording,” Stephanie Fensom, manager of protection at Bison delivery stated. “We song following distance, speed, and roll balance.”

Bison is likewise checking out a driving force fatigue tracking system in a few of its trucks. The gadget has inward-going through cameras that can identify if the driver is blinking for too lengthy, or if he/she is distracted.

“If the machine recognizes that the driver has his or her eyes closed for 1.5 seconds or extra, it triggers to name us on the terminal so we are able to see what is going on with that driving force,” Fensom stated.

For FTC Transportation, the middle service for Feed the youngsters, which handiest operates 30 trucks, it is able to be difficult to spend money on a lot era on a small budget. But, it still operates PeopleNet computers for digital logging, GPS, and overall performance monitoring.

Economic rewards
At the complete, those nice Fleets located the first-rate manner to incentivize the drivers to care about the information telematics pumped out, is with cash. At FTC, simply over 365 days ago it changed its ordinary quarterly fuel bonus right into a performance scorecard.Now take a look at how these features of Best Truck GPS.

“every sector our drivers are able to examine a sheet in complete shade and see their percentage score and a gauge to reveal them how they’re doing,” turbines said.


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