telefonu deklai

telefonu deklai

The original idea of ​​young Lithuanians to produce wooden cases for mobile phones and computers became popular in Western European countries. Only WoodWe’s second-year business is already generating revenue for young people who have created it. After graduating from ISM University of Management and Economics with a Bachelor of Politics and Economics, 24-year-old Matas Pajarskas and his friend Karol Marouch have taken a corporate identity in August 2015.

“In September we set up a company and started the so-called prelounch – preparation for the start: we created a WoodWe account, made beautiful photos of future boxes, appeared in one of the fairs with prototype, not yet mass-produced wooden phone boxes. We just wanted to see how people respond to our offer. We did not sell their internet in the fair, just gathered the contact details of those interested. We only started real production in May 2016, ”said Matt, one of WoodWe’s founders. In addition to advertising, the guy remembered that at the beginning of the business they didn’t even advertise their wooden phones and computer cases – the people who were interested had learned about their products from each other.

Active trade started a little later, early in the summer of 2016. “The idea of ​​making handbags for mobile phones and computers from wood was crystallized with us when we were discussing, the reason we’d like to do what to do to make the activity more satisfying, interesting. Talking with friends was often complaining about the fact that recently mobile phones are getting bigger, and when you put them in a protective case, the mobile device becomes really huge. The advantage of our trays is that they are not only organic, natural, but also very thin, but they protect the phone well, ”the interlocutor explained. The idea of ​​using plastic for their products was immediately abandoned by the guys, their priority being naturalness, the aesthetics provided by the tree. They use wood veneer, widely used in the furniture industry, to produce trays.

According to Matt, about one hundred and fifty different types of wood are used to make furniture, so the variety of their cases can be very large. Young entrepreneurs are still meeting eight types of wood. The most popular, according to Matt, is a walnut, a second place bamboo, and a teak and mahogany asking amongst, say, the more keen customers.

Right now we are expanding into the wood industry, and we have gathered all the examples of wood, so there are many new challenges ahead. We are no longer confined to phones and computers, we have already developed a new product that we will shortly deliver – a wooden car refreshment. This is an original wooden cube filled with cotton wool moistened with flavorings, ”Matthew said.

With Karol Matthew, he became familiar with and teamed up with the European Youth Parliament. His National Committee in Lithuania started in late 2012, as this activity has stopped in our country since 2007-2008. “It is a non-governmental organization targeting 16-19 year olds who replicate the citizenship model of a genuine European Parliament among young people promoting intercultural can visit this site for more knowledge telefonu deklai.

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