Getting pregnant: three or more weekly relationships

Getting pregnant: three or more weekly relationships

To achieve a pregnancy as soon as possible we must know the concept of  fertility . It is defined as the probability of getting a pregnancy during a single  menstrual cycle. This fecundability is different for each species and, obviously, for each woman. Nowadays we are not able to determine previously that of each woman but we know that of the human species.

Human couples have a  maximum  fertility rate of 20 percent . That is, we can get a pregnancy in 20 percent of couples who have no problems and seek pregnancy in a  woman’s menstrual cycle .

This fecundability rate is very low compared to other species. And it is something that must be taken into account to reduce the stress that the search of pregnancy in a couple implies, since in itself, the possibility of getting a pregnancy is very low in just one menstrual cycle.

Also, it is not a rate that is cumulative. That is, not because we have a 20 percent pregnancy in a menstrual cycle, we will have a one hundred percent pregnancy rate when five fertile cycles have passed. The reality is that we will continue to maintain this percentage in each cycle, that is, we will maintain a 20 percent chance of getting pregnant in each of them.

From the point of view of sexuality there are established criteria that are considered normal in couples  seeking pregnancy . It is considered normal for a couple who desires pregnancy to maintain an average of  three or more weekly sexual intercourse completely . The existence of an associated sexual problem must be ruled out and may imply that a satisfactory sexual relationship is not achieved. And it is considered normal, the wait of a year to  consult the doctor if pregnancy is not achieved  unless the couple has a history that suggests a disease.

There are some recommendations to promote the process of searching for a pregnancy that may try to increase the chances of a couple being successful.

  • Most are based on  knowing the fertile days  of a woman to direct sexual relations at that time. Many  tests  help to know these days such as the  measurement of basal temperature , objectifying the  appearance of cervical mucus , or laboratory test (now available in pharmacies) that detect the hormonal peak that causes ovulation.
  • During these fertile days you should  have sexual intercourse every 48 hours ,  not on a daily basis , because the higher the frequency of relationships, the worse the seminal quality and, therefore, we decrease our possibility of  fertilization .
  • But we must remember that the most important thing, and the best recommendation is not to lose the perspective of a couple and not limit these moments to the search for pregnancy.
  • The  stress  that can be generated in this process can also affect  fertility  as an independent factor.Now take a look at how these features of como quedar embarazada rapido.

Therefore, a stressful situation such as the search for immediate pregnancy may be the only trigger of the problem. This fact is clearly demonstrated in many couples who want a pregnancy, do not get it and undergo studies and even consider a treatment of assisted reproduction techniques. In many couples, once a treatment is established and when they are waiting to start it, they are spontaneously pregnant, probably due to the decrease in stress that we talked about earlier.

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