Banned Mobile Legends Thousands of Players Including Rank Mythic

Banned Mobile Legends Thousands of Players Including Rank Mythic

Mobile Legends , this famous MOBA game has announced banned actions on thousands of players. It was stated, more than 500 thousand Mobile Legends players were banned, even until the Mythic rank was hit.

These mass banned actions by Mobile Legends have been officially announced through their Facebook fanspage (2/15/2019).

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The main reason for Mobile Legends is to banned this mass because of the discovery of plug-ins that are categorized as cheat in this mobile game.

It is said that if the forbidden plug-in in Mobile Legends is a Map Hack . Software that can damage the world in Mobile Legends and make the game unhealthy.

The Mobile Legends security team has also been monitoring this Map Hack. It will also give sanctions to players who are caught using it.

Dear Player, 
We have paid attention to issues and Feedback regarding the “Map Hack” Plug-In, which has greatly damaged the fair and healthy Game environment. With all efforts, the security team from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has monitored and corrected related bugs. We will give severe sanctions to players who have used this type of Plug-In. All accounts that have used Cheat will be given severe sanctions according to the monitoring record. For those who discuss and distribute Plug-In in any media, the Official team has the right to enforce legal responsibility! Please pay attention to the warning.

The MLBB security team always strives to improve technology skills. Not long ago, we have banned more than 500,000 players, including thousands of players with Mythic Rank.

A fair and healthy game environment requires joint efforts from the Developer and Player. Please play every game in the game seriously! Regarding the development of Plug-In issues and sanction information, we will publish regularly on announcements on Games, official Websites and social media platforms. The player can also provide feedback through various media to maintain a good game environment with us!

It’s a pity if there are Mobile Legends rank Mythic players still using plug-ins like Map Hack. If desperate is still using it, the reward is banned.

In the latest Instastory feature, Vincentia Tiffani captures the figure of Sandiaga Uno wearing a blue shirt that is giving a presentation.

Allegedly, it was a moment when he volunteered to become the second wife of the former general chairman of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association.

In the Instastory, Vincentia Tiffani also expressed her admiration for the figure of Sandiaga Uno through writing while mentioning the @sandiuno can check here infomation about Mobile Legends hack.

But it seems, Vincentia Tiffani’s question to Sandiaga is just a joke. Because, in his Instagram timeline, Vincentia Tiffani looks together with a man who is suspected of being his lover.

Even though it’s just a joke, Vincentia Tiffani’s question is enough to make Sandiaga Uno calm and wrong.

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